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Not all dentists are the same. Each offers a unique experience and set of skills. To help you understand what it is like to be a patient of Dr. Geick, we want you to know what it feels like in our office and those things that are the most important to us. What are the things we do well?

Communication — Great communication starts with careful listening. We listen to truly understand you and your needs and wants. We then provide a very thorough initial examination that includes an oral cancer screening so we can identify the right way to help you achieve optimum oral health. Finally we educate in a way that empowers you to make confident decisions regarding your dental options.

Clinical Skills — A high level of experience, education, and teamwork result in a quality that you can trust. Dr. Geick understands that the difference is in the details and he and his team provide the kind of work they would expect for themselves.

Preventive Care & Total Health — We focus on preventive care with an emphasis the relationship between a healthy mouth and your overall well-being. The mouth is a window to the health of the whole body and we treat you accordingly.

Technology — We understand that technology is safer, delivers more accurate diagnosis, better treatments and faster recovery. Our commitment to using the latest technology is another way to show we care about you.

Invisalign — Smile with confidence. Dr. Geick is experienced and very skilled provider of invisalign. It works for both teens and adults to straighten teeth and improve smiles. It is nearly invisible and more comfortable—without the gum and mouth irritation often associated with braces. Ask Dr Geick if it is the right solution for you.

If these are the things that are important to you in a dental relationship, give us a call, you will be glad you did. Dr. Geick is a full service general dentist that also offers such services as Invisalign, implants, dentures, microdentistry, minimally invasive dentistry, and early decay detection.